Simply Pure Rx’s professional pharmacists are just as focused on people as they are on their pets. Our state of the art compounding facility can customize prescription and over the counter medications for various animal types. Our facility can also change the form and flavor of medication to make it more suitable for animals for ease of administration. Some examples of our formulas include:

  • Medication for behavioral issues both topical and oral administration
  • Seizure medication for canine solution and rectal suppository
  • Feline and canine sedation for veterinary use
  • Diarrhea relief medications
  • Various gastrointestinal issues and pain relief
  • Various suspensions for veterinary office use
  • Hyperthyroidism therapy in suspension form
  • Medicated Poloxamer gels available for hard to administer areas (This unique gel is liquid at cold temperatures and a gel at body temperature. It adheres to body cavities when administered)
  • And many more..