Simply Pure Rx utilizes the latest technology to assist psychiatric healthcare experts optimize drug therapy for patients. Our pharmacy can accommodate many different types of prescriptions for prescribers. All oral medications use Methylcellulose 1% flavored vehicles since it contains no Gluten or Casein. Simply Pure Rx also uses Lipoderm based creams which are Soy free, high in natural ingredients, high in unsaturated fatty acids and contain no wheat germ oil. Here a few examples of compounded medications that can be created in our labs:

  • General formula suspension powder for autistic patients
  • Special blend of vitamins and minerals in suspension for autistic patients
  • Buffered ascorbic acid oral powder
  • Sleep aid in oral suspension / sublingual
  • Pain relief Topical anhydrous VersaPro cream
  • Nerve pain relief Topical anhydrous VersaPro cream
  • Naltrexone Topical anhydrous cream
  • Magnesium Sulfate Gel
  • Suppositories also available with a wide variety of medications
  • And many more