Pain Management

Simply Pure Rx utilizes the latest technology in preparing pain medications for patients today. Many mainstream pain medications at retail pharmacies fail at relieving patients of their various pains and ailments. Our pharmacy uses customized formulas to develop personalized medications for patients on a case by case basis. Simply Pure Rx uses many different dosage forms including suspensions, capsules, topical creams/gels, foams, troches, rectal suppositories, Polyox powder bandages and oral pastes containing anesthetics designed for specific pain relief. Some examples of customized pain management include:

  • Burning mouth syndrome mouthwash / troche
  • Oral anesthetics including caine and non-caine
  • Slow release suppositories containing local and systemic pain medications
  • Controlled medications in different dosage forms including suspension, topical, lollipop and suppositories
  • Hemorrhoid pain relief (Custom formulas available per physician request)
  • NSAID based topical creams for rheumatoid arthritis, joint and muscle pain relief
  • NSAID based suppositories for pediatric / geriatric use
  • Soft tissue inflammation treatment
  • Muscle cramps for post workout pain relief
  • Anesthetics pre/post laser procedures (laser hair / tattoo removal)
  • High strength opiate capsules in sustained release formulations
  • Smooth muscle spasm relief containing Belladonna (Belladonna is unavailable in retail pharmacies)
  • Neuropathic pain relief
  • Wound care pain relief
  • And many more