Simply Pure Rx provides custom preparations to help patient adherence and ease of administration for hospice patients. Simply Pure Rx utilizes the latest technology and methods to stay up to date on the best delivery forms possible for our patients. Many medications can be changed to suppositories, creams, sprays, rapid dissolve tablets and liquids for better patient adherence. Simply Pure Rx’s professional pharmacists can create custom medications to aid patients with nausea, vomiting, oral thrush, pain, seizures, Radiation burns and many more. Here are some examples of hospice based medications:

  • Anti nausea containing benzodiazepine topical VersaPro (ABHR)
  • Ondansetron based lollipop, topical cream, and suppository
  • Slow release suppositories available for SR dosing
  • Sodium/Potassium/Calcium base troche for dry mouth
  • Controlled pain medications available in Topical Cream, suppository, anesthetic lollipops, and gel
  • Phenytoin suppositories
  • Naltrexone slow release capsules/Bisacodyl suppositories
  • Custom anti-itch creams for patients with hepatic or renal failure
  • Vitamin A/Vitamin E/ Aloe Vera /Zinc Oxide Topical cream
  • Various formulas for rectal suppositories (New suppository form for optimal drug delivery)
  • Rapid Dissolve tablets available (Unique dosage form that allows for the quick dissolution of the drug in the mouth. Can be dissolved in the mouth or sublingually as desired. Sweeteners are used to mask bitter tasting medications for better adherence.
  • And many more ..