Simply Pure Rx customizes each patient’s medications according to their specific hormonal needs. Our pharmacy can composite oral capsules, creams or gels with custom dosages according to patient’s blood tests. This Pharmacy only uses Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy alongside the purest possible vehicles free of dyes and perfumes to minimize side effects. Here are some examples of our services:

  • Progesterone Topical cream / Topical gel / Vaginal Gel
  • Progesterone Troche gelatin and polyglycol bases available
  • Progesterone suppositories
  • Progesterone slow release capsules
  • Testosterone topical cream
  • Bi-Est (Estriol/Estradiol) Topical Cream/Topical Gel
  • Bi-Est (Estriol/Estradiol) Slow release capsules
  • Tri –Est (Estriol/Estradiol/Estrone) Topical Cream/ Gel
  • Tri –Est (Estriol/Estradiol/Estrone) Slow release capsules
  • Progesterone, Tri-Est , Bi-Est sublingual oil suspensions
  • DHEA sublingual drops / Slow release capsules
  • Custom cream for vaginal dryness
  • Female libido cream/ Gel
  • Male libido cream/Gel
  • And many more