Simply Pure Rx’s Compounding experts can create individualized prescription and over the counter medications to treat a large variety of dermatological illnesses. This pharmacy uses the purest possible vehicles and delivery methods free of dyes, perfumes and unnecessary additives to minimize unwanted reactions and side effects. Natural scents can be added if desired. Some examples of Dermatological products include:

  • Over the counter acne mask / cleanser
  • Multiple antibiotic blended cream for acne patients
  • Special blended moisturizing creams containing desired pharmaceutical grade medications
  • Anti-aging topical solution
  • Various prescription and non-prescriptions eye cream
  • Custom anti-wrinkle preparation for around the eye area and forehead
  • Botox-like Topical lotion
  • Collagen booster topical lotion (Retinoic Acid –like)
  • Custom facial cream (Daytime antioxidant cream)
  • Glycolic Acid slow release cream
  • Anti-aging and wound healing cream with essential fatty acid
  • Pharmaceutical grade everyday use peel solution for sensitive skin
  • Prescription only facial peels including tretinoin and glycolic acid
  • Pharmaceutical grade skin whitening creams with and without Hydroquinone
  • And many more