Simply Pure Rx utilizes the latest technology to create compounded medications to help dentists optimize drug delivery and maximize results. Our pharmacy can compound medications for dry mouth, dry sockets, anesthetics (both caine and non-caine), mouth ulcers, teeth whitening, nausea, and many more. Here are some examples of compounded medications that can benefit your dental practice:

  • Benzocaine dry socket base
  • Capsaicin base troche
  • Non commercially available oral anesthetic dental solution /gel
  • Topical local anesthetic lollipop
  • Oral adhesive paste combined with a variety of drugs custom per patient needs
  • Various Magic mouthwash formulas
  • Morphine based oral gels
  • Steroid based oral paste
  • Poloxamer gel for delivery system for drugs in periodontal use
  • Oral /Mucosal medications for patients on anticoagulation therapy
  • Antibiotic/ Antifungal Gelatin troches/suspension
  • Alcohol free Chlorhexidine rinse formulas
  • Anti-Viral lip cream and ointment
  • And Many More..